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"Sam's Club,cheap pandora rings for sale, with Jean-Claude," Jacques says. "Last week,www.pandoraforcheap.com, we saw ibérico ham there! You can't get that in the States, it's really hard to import there. And it was so cheap, I think no one else here knew what it was."

At Dr. Taco, Jacques and Gloria's favorite taco stand, we eat squid tacos and something called a shrimp burger, made with melted Manchego cheese and served on a bun, then mull over the problem of where to find fish for dinner. We guess that if the fishermen on the beach didn't go out in the rough waters, neither did the fishermen who supply the market. We talk about this for a while, leisurely ordering yet another taco,cheap pandora bracelets, as the afternoon wanes and Paco falls asleep on Jacques's lap.

Gloria peers at her watch and sighs. It is nearly time to go back to the apartment for cocktail hour. At dusk, Gloria tells me, monkeys regularly come out to play in the trees just below their terrace,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, a sight we definitely shouldn't miss. Plus, it really was getting too late to start thinking about cooking.

We finish our beers. Jacques and Gloria decide that we'll have dinner at a local restaurant they like, La Bamba Jarocha, post-monkeys. And we all agree to contemplate finding fish??or whatever else comes knocking??tomorrow. After all, that's what nice long vacations are for.

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